Definition of match someone stride for stride in English:

match someone stride for stride


  • Manage to keep up with a competitor.

    ‘bargain basement Newry matched their high price rivals stride for stride’
    • ‘However, it might not be too long before City are not just clinging to the coattails of their Premiership neighbours but matching them stride for stride - if only in the fitness stakes.’
    • ‘He matches you stride for stride, and he is running very well right now.’
    • ‘Playing with the breeze, Glenmanor matched Drumlea stride for stride in the first-half, after which the sides were on level terms.’
    • ‘For an hour his team matched Chelsea stride for stride, creating better chances, constructing more flowing moves.’
    • ‘Egewe slowed his own pace, matching Zylnain stride for stride.’
    • ‘Having little experience in the whole dance department, I had to watch Matik's footing closely, matching him stride for stride.’
    • ‘She was pleased to see that she had matched Nika stride for stride while she let her thoughts run on.’
    • ‘Fortunately for the home side, Myers matched him stride for stride and ushered the ball out of harm's way.’
    • ‘I asked him as I scurried along beside him, trying to match him stride for stride. ‘I didn't notice you leave.’’
    • ‘A week ago, I was unable to walk… now I matched him stride for stride going through a two mile run.’