Definition of match someone with in English:

match someone with

phrasal verb

  • Bring about the marriage of someone to.

    ‘try if you can to match her with a duke’
    • ‘After the death of her father-in-law and unsuccessful attempts at matching Mr. Tweedie with her daughters, Mrs. Lapham marries him herself, mainly to keep the silver shop in the family.’
    • ‘John tells Elinor that they are thinking of matching Miss Morton with Robert, now that Edward is marrying Lucy.’
    • ‘She wants to match Harriet with Mr. Elton, and when Harriet compliments him, Emma's plan is set in motion.’
    • ‘She arrives with strong opinions about politics and her social obligations that clash with her father's conservatism, and she has no patience with the upper-class twit her parents try to match her with.’
    • ‘You should consider yourself lucky that you have been matched with a young noble at all.’