Definition of matching in English:


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  • 1Corresponding in pattern, color, or design; complementary.

    ‘a blue jacket and matching skirt’
    • ‘For an easy mantel decoration, use a series of matching containers, such as these small galvanized tin cups.’
    • ‘The soldiers are smartly dressed: they were khaki uniforms, ornate red, yellow and black cummerbunds and matching collars, turbaned and tassled headgear, and badges.’
    • ‘At present it features a range of beige storage presses, mainly at ground level, a matching worktop and a stainless steel sink.’
    • ‘Those tall pillars of mingled lilac, mauve, purple and white flowers rising above square planters are spectacular, as are the matching hanging baskets here and there.’
    • ‘I bought matching towels and a hummingbird feeder and began cutting late-night boozing short in order to come home and water the rosebushes.’
    • ‘It is bound in blue leather, embossed in gold, and comes in a matching fabric-covered slipcase.’
    • ‘Make a pair of matching Christmas candle holders with square blocks of wood as your base.’
    • ‘He chose his dark brown jacket over matching pants with a cream silk waistcoat and cravat.’
    • ‘I feel a little out of place in my neatly pressed tennis shorts, matching shirt and new pair of Adidas sneakers.’
    • ‘To the left the spacious drawing room includes a stone fireplace with matching hearth and log store.’
    • ‘When the Queen stepped from the train, wearing a suit of pale blue lace with matching hat, loud cheers filled the concourse.’
    • ‘And how many times do you have to sort through said piles to find a matching set?’
    • ‘About 100 members of the public gathered outside the church and applauded as the bride emerged from her car wearing the sleeveless, round-necked dress with matching veil.’
    • ‘They even sport matching Christmas jumpers.’
    • ‘Matty had brought a pretty floral overnight bag and another little one, matching, for bathroom stuff.’
    • ‘Since we are all in sort of matching outfits this can be a problem.’
    • ‘Matching bottles give unity to the look.’
    • ‘Buy an inexpensive piece of material or ribbon and make a matching headband or hair wrap for pennies.’
    • ‘Pair your shirt and tie with a solid-colored suit, and throw in slick shoes and a matching belt.’
    • ‘Matching colors will create cohesion within the space.’
  • 2Equal in number or amount; equivalent.

    ‘the college will provide matching funds to complete the project’
    • ‘As promised, the temperature was in the high 90s, and the humidity was matching.’
    • ‘I'd keep my day job, and therefore, I'd get matching contributions for everything on the charity list.’
    • ‘He also pointed out that voluntary labour is now accepted as a source of matching funding in projects as is funding from the national lottery.’
    • ‘Travis County is providing the matching funds.’
    • ‘Basing the cost of each machine at approximately $1,500, a total of $85,500 will be provided by the Provost with matching funds coming from the colleges.’
    • ‘Michigan and Louisiana offer matching grants to state residents who meet income eligibility requirements.’
    • ‘And a very special thank you to the South Eastern Health Board for their matching contribution.’
    • ‘He wants five percent of the electorate, so he can qualify for matching funds next time around.’
    • ‘Not all of the funded work has begun, because some schools still are raising the matching dollars.’
    • ‘In the European fashion, the frame, slide and barrel have matching serial numbers.’
    • ‘The City of Brisbane is providing matching funds.’
    • ‘Friends of the 63-year-old Speaker believe he wants to pass on the constituency to his son, who holds the matching seat in the Scottish Parliament.’
    • ‘This enables tertiary institutions to seek matching funding from the Government for large-scale investment projects.’
    • ‘He was not happy either that the matching funds would be coming from the Council's revenue account.’
    • ‘With a promise of immediate government assistance of 9bn euros, Breton is expected to come up with matching savings.’
    • ‘The summer marked a special dedication to the man who shared the resources necessary for a matching $1-million grant.’
    • ‘Employers deduct the matching pre-tax amount from each paycheck to gradually build the account to the requested level.’



/ˈmaCHiNG/ /ˈmætʃɪŋ/