Definition of matchmaker in English:



  • 1A person who arranges marriages or initiates romantic relationships between others.

    ‘an enthusiastic matchmaker who continually tried to pair off the difficult bachelor with unattached ladies’
    • ‘Other men asked a matchmaker to arrange marriages for them.’
    • ‘The marriage of her own parents were arranged through a matchmaker and they were married without even meeting each other first.’
    • ‘This was still a country of matchmakers and arranged marriages, and much pressure was brought to bear.’
    • ‘This type of lover may profit from working with a matchmaker or a computer dating service, in which inappropriate relationship candidates will be screened out.’
    • ‘If the concept takes off, the matchmakers hope to arrange more events for specific age-groups later in the year.’
    • ‘All his opponents in his sensational contender days had been arranged by a sleazy matchmaker.’
    • ‘Most offline dating services and matchmakers do not perform background checks, nor do speed dating, other singles organizations, and newspaper personal ads.’
    • ‘The couple were set up by the matchmaker and their marriage agreed upon by their parents and they didn't even have to know one another before the wedding ceremony.’
    • ‘These are the professional matchmakers, but there are also matchmakers who just promote marriage out of kind-heartedness.’
    • ‘Most marriages in the world are arranged by family members or matchmakers, and in many of these, partners somehow learn to love each other over time.’
    • ‘Others may find partners through arranged meetings made by parents, relatives, friends, and professional matchmakers.’
    • ‘Dating is not allowed, and marriages are arranged by the families or by matchmakers.’
    • ‘Traditionally, marriages are arranged, generally through the mediation of a matchmaker.’
    • ‘Traditionally, marriages were arranged by the couple's parents through a matchmaker.’
    • ‘Some vestiges of arranged marriage continue and many couples rely on matchmakers to find mates.’
    • ‘Marriages are often arranged by the families through the services of a matchmaker or go-between, and commence with a ritual celebration, or wedding.’
    • ‘Anyway, being a professional matchmaker really appeals to me.’
    • ‘Marriages often are brokered by a matchmaker since the economic aspects of marriage require experienced calculation.’
    • ‘She dubbed herself an official matchmaker and dispensed all sorts of advice to her brother.’
    • ‘Parents or matchmakers do most of the visiting and arranging.’
    marriage broker, marriage bureau, dating agency
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    1. 1.1A person or company that brings parties together for commercial purposes.
      ‘the company acts as an employment matchmaker for the financial services industry’
      • ‘The firm is a merger and acquisition matchmaker for companies with market values of $300,000 to $15 million.’
      • ‘Like business brokers, the matchmakers are unregulated or, at most, loosely regulated.’
      • ‘She prefers to think of herself as a piano matchmaker.’
      • ‘The same point could be made about the financial matchmakers, who whip up merger mania to earn big commissions.’
      • ‘As a result, it is now acting as matchmaker in encouraging mergers and alliances that will slim the civil aviation sector down to more competitive proportions.’
      marriage broker, marriage bureau, dating agency
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