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  • 1Excessively concerned with material possessions; money-oriented.

    ‘we're living in a highly materialistic society’
    • ‘Sensual and materialistic, they want all the power, comfort and control they can get out of life.’
    • ‘In this materialistic era, even teachers have changed their lifestyle.’
    • ‘These seem like odd responses since she doesn't come across as materialistic, but perhaps that's why.’
    • ‘I am not going to paint a broad stroke and say our society is materialistic, is driven by consumer needs or is a slave to marketing.’
    • ‘I've never been that materialistic, but I need something, some kind of tool to improve my self-esteem.’
    worldly, consumerist, money-oriented, money-grubbing
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  • 2Philosophy
    Relating to or denoting the theory or belief that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications.

    • ‘it is a materialistic belief system that reduces everything to nature and natural processes’



/məˌtirēəˈlistik/ /məˌtɪriəˈlɪstɪk/