Definition of maternity leave in English:

maternity leave

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  • A period of absence from work granted to a mother before and after the birth of her child.

    ‘Elizabeth is now on maternity leave’
    • ‘Allison will be returning from maternity leave soon.’
    • ‘What modern dance company has enough money to pay maternity leave?’
    • ‘She took her maternity leave about a year ago.’
    • ‘I have 75 employees, and my HR manager is about to go out on maternity leave.’
    • ‘There was a concern from my division head that I might not come back after maternity leave.’
    • ‘In Britain, employers pay for six months of maternity leave and reclaim the money from the government.’
    • ‘That's because my wife is on maternity leave, and she wanted more channels to entertain herself and our toddler during the day.’
    • ‘Following the birth of our first child a few years ago, my wife had eight months' maternity leave before returning to her job on a part-time basis.’
    • ‘They have no sick days or vacations, and there is no such thing as a maternity leave.’
    • ‘We relocated to Kansas City while I was on maternity leave with Andrew.’
    • ‘Think twice about using all your vacation and sick days for maternity leave - save some days for later.’
    • ‘How much maternity leave do you get?’
    • ‘Women have the right to maternity leave and equal access to education.’
    • ‘Employers need to be sensitive to this right by granting sufficient maternity leave and providing special facilities at the workplace.’
    • ‘Martina was on maternity leave and is now welcomed back by all her friends.’
    • ‘"There seems to be a strong consensus in Government that extending maternity leave is something that we have to do," he said.’
    • ‘The 34-year-old is currently on maternity leave after having a baby.’
    • ‘She left in 1998 to go on maternity leave.’
    • ‘The union is also seeking full salaries and benefits for female pilots who go on maternity leave, regardless of the length of their breaks.’
    • ‘She returned to the track last season after a two-year maternity leave.’