Definition of math rock in English:

math rock


mass noun
  • A style of rock music characterized by complex rhythmic and instrumental patterns.

    ‘they've earned a reputation for mixing high-energy math rock with a modern take on 90s Britpop’
    • ‘Avowed influences include everything from The B52s to math rock by way of straight-up punk.’
    • ‘A math rock ethic is transposed into the distorted modern lo-fi sounds of Lee's guitar work.’
    • ‘Their debut, self-titled album is a mammoth fusion of metal, prog-rock, jazz, and math rock.’
    • ‘If I ever met a hardcore female fan of Chicago-style math rock, I'd marry her on the spot.’
    • ‘His mystifying style owes as much to African guitar as it does to the double-edged genre of math rock.’
    • ‘But fans of math rock might not find us as jarring as most bands in the genre are.’
    • ‘Math rock rarely has sounded as tuneful as this.’
    • ‘Forging ahead in the wake of post rock, math rock, indie rock, and punk rock must be a hard thing to do for a band.’
    • ‘Grungey if intelligent indie meets spiked math rock, and unexpectedly this really works.’
    • ‘Their music uses splashes of standard rock chord changes, angular math rock melodic counterpoints, and punk's thrashy nihilism.’
    • ‘As talented as guitarist Seim and drummer Hill are, the type of math rock they purvey has been done by bands both better and worse many times over.’


1990s from math + rock (noun).


math rock

/ˈmaθ rɒk/