Definition of mathematize in English:


transitive verb

(also British mathematise)
[with object]
  • Regard or treat (a subject or problem) in mathematical terms.

    ‘Keynes resisted attempts to be overprecise and mathematize his insights’
    • ‘Science works by drastically oversimplifying the world, cutting out everything that cannot be mathematized.’
    • ‘This notion can be mathematized and tested against nature's data.’
    • ‘One view sought the origin of the crisis in the abstract and unrealistic demeanour of the rapidly evolving, mathematised neoclassical theory that was incapable of answering important economic policy questions.’
    • ‘Yes, you can mathematise music, and you might very well end up with a fairly sensible tune, but feelings aren't often sensible, and maths and music don't really do each other justice.’
    • ‘Not only did his professors put him in touch with much modern experimental and mathematical research, but they also articulated the ideal of mathematising physical theory, even though none of them was himself a master of that craft.’



/ˈmaTH(ə)məˌtīz/ /ˈmæθ(ə)məˌtaɪz/