Definition of mathlete in English:



  • A person who takes part in a mathematics competition, typically one organized for schoolchildren.

    ‘as with other mathletes, he spends up to four hours a day on his hobby—or what he simply calls his ‘calculations’’
    • ‘At the start of the series, Lindsey shuns her past as a straight-A student (and state-champion "mathlete") to slum with the school's stoner contingent.’
    • ‘Darts is about sums - tricky rapid-fire addition, subtraction and multiplication that would trouble any mathlete.’
    • ‘She is a mathlete and all-around geek who is shaken existentially by witnessing her grandmother's death.’
    • ‘She wanted to have more fun in her life rather than being a geeky 'Mathlete' and she got it by joining the freaks.’
    • ‘In TriMathlon, the mathlete begins with a guided search for all palindromes of five or fewer digits.’
    • ‘One of the girls was not an athlete but a mathlete.’
    • ‘He's the hot guy whom the girls never noticed in high school because he was a mathlete with suspiciously good hair and a black leather jacket.’
    • ‘A self-professed "mathlete," she isn't sure where she belongs.’
    • ‘It was bad enough being a sister to James, who makes the mathletes look edgy.’
    • ‘Forget spelling bees, it's time mathletes had their day in the sun.’
    • ‘Though the last 50 years have yielded many a historical moment from the comic situations that ensue between prom royalty, rebels and mathletes, I believe the most recent teen movie renaissance is over.’
    • ‘"Whether you aspire to be a cheerleader, debate team queen or captain of the Mathletes, practicing like a crazy woman can work magic."’
    • ‘I'm thinking about how Hubba Hubba Boy doesn't know I'm the No. 1 scorer on the mathletes team or that my science fair project on acid rain won the grand prize last year.’
    • ‘Could mathletes someday compete alongside track stars and basketball players under the aegis of the five rings?’
    • ‘You can force the angelheaded hipsters to commiserate with the mathletes, but you cannot make them "cousins."’
    • ‘The mathletes in the audience will have already deduced that this adds up to a three-hour labor, but let's not ruin the ending for everyone.’
    • ‘You get the distinct impression that none of these ladies are exactly mathletes, if you catch my drift.’


1930s blend of mathematics (or math) and athlete.