Definition of mating call in English:

mating call


  • A characteristic call uttered by an animal during the mating season, especially by males to attract potential mates.

    ‘the birds arrive at the end of April, flooding the forest with their incessant mating calls’
    • ‘The whooping crane, named for its loud and penetrating mating call, is one of America's best known and rarest endangered species.’
    • ‘A mysterious sound in the ocean turns out to be the mating call of a whale.’
    • ‘Their mating call is a long loud purring trill.’
    • ‘The device simulated the mating call of a frog.’
    • ‘The mating call of the toads can be clearly heard at night.’
    • ‘I can mimic the mating call of the flamingo.’
    • ‘Come this time of year the mating call of the inebriated student can be heard from 11pm till late.’
    • ‘The voices are the mating calls of males singing to silent females.’
    • ‘The night time mating calls of the raucous toad are not continuous.’
    • ‘I listened to the quail rooster as he crowed his spring mating calls.’
    • ‘In autumn the males make their mating calls.’
    • ‘A din of insectoid mating calls resounded from the outlying vegetation.’
    • ‘The mating call of Northern leopard frogs comprises a train of sound pulses of 15- to 20-mins duration.’