Definition of matter-of-factness in English:



See matter of fact

  • ‘It moves in the opposite direction to most post-war poetry and prose, which sought practicality, matter-of-factness, accessibility.’
  • ‘The statement is made with a common-sense matter-of-factness that resonates, even as part of me says it doesn't work that way.’
  • ‘These quotations might seem rather naïve and simplistic contributions to an argument, but I believe they are instead extremely important and effective in their very simplicity and matter-of-factness.’
  • ‘Here are matters of immense religious complexity being discussed with complete matter-of-factness by garage mechanics and shop hands.’
  • ‘The characters' matter-of-factness in using a fake gem signals their resignation to the absence of the original and awareness that it can only be restored through a copy.’