Definition of matting in English:



mass noun
  • 1Coarse material woven from natural fibres, used for mats.

    ‘rush matting’
    • ‘I will need some moisture mats - thick layers of hemp fibre matting which sit on top of the waste.’
    • ‘In reality, rush matting was most frequently used on floors.’
    • ‘For example, cocoa matting is probably the least expensive material you can buy to cover floors in today's world.’
    • ‘Leather shoes lasted no time at all without hobnails, and conversely, floors, whether of stone or wood, lasted no time at all without matting of some sort.’
    • ‘His store also specializes in fabric-embossed matting, hand-carved mats and French matting.’
    • ‘The matting had an outside dimension of 40 by 43 inches.’
    • ‘Pots containing well-watered plants were placed on capillary matting, whereas pots of treatment plants were allowed to drain freely.’
    • ‘Besides shotcrete, rockbolts, stone and wire mesh, a composite product of mesh and matting on which grass can be grown is being used.’
    • ‘In some villages bamboo matting and reeds are used to form walls.’
    • ‘He actually had a bed to sleep in instead of matting and a cardboard box.’
    • ‘The blood was real enough, for it pooled about the tiles and was absorbed into the thick matting.’
    • ‘Plainly, the mattress had been laid right on the floor, with matting of some sort and a heavy blanket under it.’
    • ‘A ribbed rubber matting is nice on the Shih Tzu grooming table and is easy to keep clean.’
    • ‘The walls were a dark jade color here, the tile a light tan covered with crimson matting.’
    • ‘New grass will be planted on top of a mixture of sand, fertilizer, and plastic matting to ensure that the fields will not disintegrate easily.’
    • ‘People who have been in contact with farm animals in the last two weeks were being asked to postpone their visit while others were warned to wear sensible footwear for walking over disinfected matting.’
    • ‘The venue has no seats, with the entire audience sprawled on soft wall-to-wall matting, adding to the effect.’
    • ‘The principle is the same, with a water reservoir and capillary matting, but it's much neater and tidier.’
    • ‘She let the two of them in and let them sit down on the matting.’
    • ‘It looks really good, and best of all, bark mulch on weed matting is low maintenance.’
    rug, mat, matting, floor covering, runner, drugget
  • 2The process of becoming matted.

    ‘Keep in mind that hair caught in a sudden rainstorm could also be in danger of serious matting if the strands are not immediately combed out.’
    ‘To avoid the clumping or matting of hair in long-haired cats, grooming with a brush or comb is recommended.’