Definition of mature student in English:

mature student


  • An adult student who attends college or university some years after leaving school.

    • ‘I attended university as a mature student and was shocked at how ignorant and uneducated our student population actually is.’
    • ‘Returning from the US in 1997, he enrolled as a mature student in University College Cork, where he studied law.’
    • ‘Now, though, the former mature student and Glasgow University graduate's cup runneth over.’
    • ‘He attended Newcastle University as a mature student.’
    • ‘By this stage she had graduated from Aberdeen University as a mature student and was working as a teacher, first in primary schools, then with secondary pupils with special needs.’
    • ‘Anyone aged 21 and over who is taking a university or college course is classed as a mature student.’
    • ‘He studied in York between 1971 and 1974 after being accepted by the university as a mature student with a single A-level pass at Grade E.’
    • ‘I know Kirsty's path, because it is one I followed myself, arriving at Glasgow University as a mature student in 1993.’
    • ‘Even when I was at university full-time as a mature student with a mortgage and rates to pay I never considered a loan.’
    • ‘Her mother went back to university as a mature student and got herself a degree, despite bringing up two girls on her own.’
    • ‘She said parish leaders would like to see the student housing close to residences set aside for mature students and post-graduates.’
    • ‘I have just recently gone went back to university as a mature student to complete a degree in political science.’
    • ‘This year's scholarship recipients include students currently in third level education and mature students entering college for the first time.’
    • ‘The timing of the fair could not be better as applications from mature students who want to attend university are being accepted from December 15.’
    • ‘In the longer term, the college could target mature students, who are likely to become a growing feature of this market.’
    • ‘It's a factor that has influenced my decision, as a mature student, to enter the teaching profession.’
    • ‘This provision requires that parental income be taken into account irrespective of the individual circumstances in any case where the student is not a mature student.’
    • ‘While the colleges welcome mature students and often find them to be eager learners, they advise them to be well prepared to adapt to changing from work to studying.’
    • ‘I like meeting friends who've come back to college as mature students to finish their education, and there are plenty of those.’
    • ‘One thing I like about working here is the fact that there are so many people of my generation who have returned to college as mature students.’


mature student