Definition of mauri in English:



mass nounNew Zealand
  • (in Maori culture) life force or essence.

    ‘removing the rats was a vital step to reviving the mauri of the island’
    • ‘The animist beliefs of so many of this Labour Government who talk about the mauri within a mountain or a river are arrant nonsense.’
    • ‘Traditional Maori beliefs are, for example, that all objects, both animate and inanimate, have a life force, a mauri.’
    • ‘I understand what is meant by "mauri", but spirituality comes from the individual.’
    • ‘The primordial concept of mauri has a similar, but distinct, function.’
    • ‘For him "the mauri, the spiritual lifeforce" he used to marvel when he travelled past the school, is gone.’
    • ‘The bill states "All elements of the natural environment possess a life force", and "The mauri of the coastal area represents the essence that binds the physical and spiritual elements of all things together,".’
    • ‘We sat in the darkness, absorbing the smell of wood and harakeke and the mauri of the whare, and we learned karakia by chanting over and over until the words were imprinted in our minds and bodies.’
    • ‘The people of Ngati Awa reflect on the life of their ancestors, sensing the ihi, or power, the wehi, or fear, and the mauri, life force, emanating from the land and the water.’
    • ‘The mussel reef that once thrived in Okahu Bay is being replenished to filter the waters from high sedimentation and metal contamination, and to restore the mauri (life force) of the bay.’
    • ‘We believe the mauri of the reef has been seriously affected and to remedy this the wreck must be removed.’


Late 19th century Maori.