Definition of Mauritanian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Mauritania.

    ‘the campaign was met by great enthusiasm from Mauritanian intellectuals’
    • ‘We also had the company of some Mauritanian soldiers, who stayed with us throughout.’
    • ‘The Mauritanian stretch of the road will replace a track over the shifting sands that lie between Mauritania's two main cities.’
    • ‘The ship left Mauritanian waters bound for Ghana, where it was to discharge its cargo.’
    • ‘The report's cover is a portrait of a Mauritanian woman.’
    • ‘A Mauritanian host took us to the open fish market.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Mauritania.

    ‘his grandfather was a Mauritanian’
    • ‘Another man, a Mauritanian, attempts to make his way by boat.’
    • ‘As for the Mauritanian, he was not wounded.’
    • ‘About a million Mauritanians were eligible to vote.’