Definition of Mauser in English:



  • A make of firearm, especially a repeating rifle or semi-automatic pistol.

    as modifier ‘a Mauser rifle’
    • ‘I dropped the now useless pocket pistol and scrambled for the Mauser rifle that had dropped to the floorboards.’
    • ‘He had his Mauser rifle slung over his shoulder and I had my Sten gun ready.’
    • ‘And it - as well as the 1903 Springfield rifle for which it was designed - drew heavy influence from the Mauser rifle.’
    • ‘His inventory can be stocked with a whole assortment of weapons like Mausers, swords, spear guns and machine guns.’
    • ‘Best known for his Springfield and Mauser sporting rifles, he also dabbled in handguns.’


Late 19th century named after Paul von Mauser (1838–1914), German inventor.