Definition of maximalism in English:



See maximalist

  • ‘Nationalist maximalism, remember, is a rhetorical mode of politics that precludes real political progress by narrowing the range possibilities to the most fervently wished for, if unattainable, national goals.’
  • ‘It's maximalism in the extreme - and with barely time to breathe between brass charts, peals of synthesizer, elaborate string parts, and big three-part harmonies, it's easy to get lost in the labyrinthine arrangements.’
  • ‘The project is based primarily on improvisation and utilising ‘found sounds' and explores aspects of both minimalism and maximalism.’
  • ‘So for a few months over summer, both minimalism and maximalism will fight it out, while the three museums contemplate their next architectural project and its cultural implications.’
  • ‘Remember to keep the frame, though, as a spot of maximalism can work marvellously in a spare, white environment.’