Definition of mayapple in English:



  • An American herbaceous plant of the barberry family, which bears a yellow egg-shaped fruit in May. The plant has long been used medicinally.

    Podophyllum peltatum, family Berberidaceae

    • ‘If the method is adopted, increased demand for the American mayapple may make it a new alternative crop.’
    • ‘They might remind you of mayapple or of pachysandra.’
    • ‘I have christened it the ‘Mandrake’ (the name used for the mayapple [Podophyllum peltatum] by various 16 th- and 17 th-century English poets).’
    • ‘Violets, wild geranium, mayapple, and blue phlox bloom in April and May.’
    • ‘As I drive away, I see mayapples along the edge of the woods.’
    • ‘Just as the crooked mass of shiny-leafed buttonbush, and even the swamp dwelling mayapple - its umbrella-like leaves shading sweet yellow fruit - need fire's fertilizing hand, so too does the wildlife.’
    • ‘Farther back, there's furtive jack-in-the-pulpit and mayapple, and along our driveway, wild columbine's whiskered pendants.’
    • ‘And there are native wildflowers, such as mayapple, Jack-in-the-pulpit, and foamflower.’