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  • 1The elected head of a city, town, or other municipality.

    ‘After retirement she was town councillor and deputy mayor and was a member of many local societies.’
    • ‘There were several cases where market towns had entered having mayors and town councils.’
    • ‘Protesters voted to stay sitting there until the town's Liberal Democrat mayor came to see us.’
    • ‘Sometimes there is a deadlock in a city and district, and regional councils and mayors have to show leadership and give a casting vote.’
    • ‘Most cities have a city council of about 30 members and a mayor elected by the people of the city.’
    • ‘They thought it was like London's Lord Mayor or the mayor of their own borough.’
    • ‘I am sure I will be very happy to discuss that issue, along with many others, with local mayors and council chairs.’
    • ‘As I said just a few seconds ago, I regularly meet with mayors and councillors.’
    • ‘Also Londoners have the opportunity to vote for a mayor and for members of the London Assembly.’
    • ‘On the local level, the country is divided into forty districts administered by mayors and councils elected by the people.’
    • ‘Although municipal councillors were elected, mayors were once again nominated by the government.’
    • ‘They also said they had been impressed by the town's mayor and borough leader.’
    • ‘Both the mayor and a member of council concluded last night the community has changed.’
    • ‘Executive mayors elected under the new system are paid up to £53,000 a year.’
    • ‘The reason for the difference is this: England has directly elected mayors.’
    • ‘Below these are regional government bodies divided into cities and districts led by mayors and councillors.’
    • ‘It's because his photograph that appears in a gallery of former mayors in the town hall council chamber is the only one in colour.’
    • ‘Now, mayors are pretty apolitical and do not get angry very often.’
    • ‘He believes he once tapped a vein of inspired eloquence at a state conference of mayors and shire council presidents in Dubbo.’
    • ‘Since then, a succession of mayors, city councils and police chiefs have upheld the policy.’
    1. 1.1The titular head of a municipality that is administered by a city manager.



/ˈmā(ə)r/ /ˈmeɪ(ə)r/


Middle English from Old French maire, from the Latin adjective major ‘greater’, used as a noun in late Latin.