Definition of mayoral in English:



  • Relating to a mayor.

    ‘mayoral candidates’
    ‘the mayoral election’
    • ‘Last week, the wheels threatened to come off his mayoral carriage.’
    • ‘Political attacks on the incumbent at this time of crisis could have severe political repercussions on the mayoral hopefuls.’
    • ‘You never hear anything interesting about that mayoral campaign.’
    • ‘He showed me around his neighborhood with a sort of informal mayoral pride.’
    • ‘Questions were asked about the use of the mayoral carriage for his wedding.’
    • ‘The group recently spent significant resources opposing a mayoral proposal to inspect apartments upon turnover.’
    • ‘He eschewed his $195,000 annual mayoral salary, in favor of $1 a year.’
    • ‘A mayoral report published just prior to his arrival took the police department to task over its information infrastructure.’
    • ‘A mayoral spokesman said the ban sends a defeatist message to the rest of the world.’
    • ‘Mayoral promotion was the only fast route through the ranks of the jurats, which was basically a society of equals of varying degrees of experience.’