Definition of maze-like in English:



  • Having or consisting of a complex network; labyrinthine.

    ‘under the house is a maze-like set of tunnels’
    ‘we have to navigate a maze-like route’
    • ‘They complained about the lack of public lighting, which makes the maze-like alleyways virtually impassable at night.’
    • ‘My guidebook said the hostel was located in the centre of a huge maze-like bazaar.’
    • ‘The biggest change was to eliminate the maze-like environment that isolated employees from one another.’
    • ‘You can spend your day meandering through the maze-like cobbled paths that are lined with picturesque Venetian-style houses painted in rainbow pastels.’
    • ‘The labyrinth is a maze-like path similar to those patterned on to the floors of European cathedrals in the Middle Ages.’
    • ‘We wandered in and out of the various maze-like entrances, pausing to zoom down some of the slides and clamber up the netting.’
    • ‘At church that morning, Aunt Polly realizes that Tom and Becky are missing, and the town begins to search the maze-like cave to find them.’
    • ‘Most days, we played games in the streets or by the fishpond in the back yard, and explored the narrow maze-like alleyways with newfound friends.’
    • ‘There are miles of these maze-like, winding, and intersecting canyons which lead to the Escalante River.’