Definition of mazel tov in English:

mazel tov


  • (among Jewish people) congratulations; good luck.

    • ‘Though she'd been told otherwise, right to the last that woman thought a surprise rabbi would appear from the rafters to say mazel tov.’
    • ‘I'm not sure the film is precisely a comedy - in fact, I'm pretty sure it's not - but all publicity is good publicity, so mazel tov to them!’
    • ‘The couple is then pronounced man and wife, and the groom steps on a glass as everyone shouts mazel tov.’
    • ‘The shabbos after I was declared to be in complete remission, the men of the shul danced and sang mazel tov while the women cried and hugged me.’


From modern Hebrew mazzāl ṭōḇ, literally ‘good star’.


mazel tov

/ˈmaz(ə)l ˌtɔːv/ /ˌtɒf/