Definition of Mbuti in English:


Pronunciation /(ə)mˈbo͞odē/ /(ə)mˈbudi/

nounMbuti, Mbutis

  • A member of a Pygmy people of western Uganda and adjacent areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire).

    ‘The Mbutis (of the Pygmy group) in central West Africa, for example, were pushed all the way into the Ituri Forest of DRC and Gabon.’
    • ‘The choreographer is a long-time fan of the polyphonic vocalizing of the Aka clan of the Mbuti (commonly known as Pygmy).’
    • ‘Within Africa, the two Pygmy groups have the lowest heterozygosity, and the Mbuti markedly so.’
    • ‘Streams and forests are being degraded, the livelihoods of the indigenous people, the Mbuti, in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve are threatened, and wildlife is being destroyed at an alarming rate.’
    • ‘Some of these groups are the Aka, Baka, Efe, and Mbuti.’


  • Relating to the Mbuti.

    ‘In particular, the Mbuti population shows highest genetic variation but a lower value for the expansion index compared with those for Central Africans, Europeans, and East Asians.’
    • ‘The Mbuti people are renowned for a vocal style in which many voices simultaneously sing different, independent melodies.’


The name in local languages.