Definition of McMansion in English:



  • A large modern house that is considered ostentatious and lacking in architectural integrity.

    ‘A four-bedroom house on a small lot - like the relatively modest Craftsman-style Bungalow pictured here, hardly a McMansion - now sells for $450,000.’
    • ‘As the novel opens, a freshly sober Ellis is living in a McMansion in a fictional suburb outside New York City with a movie star wife and two children.’
    • ‘Even the title itself hopes for the possibility of more American frontiers, a new home on the range instead of a McMansion in the ‘burbs.’
    • ‘The residents of these communities purchase a McMansion, one of three ‘exclusive’ floorplans and pay a ton of money for the house - which looks just like the neighbors'.’



/məkˈman(t)SHən/ /məkˈmæn(t)ʃən/