Definition of McTwist in English:



  • (in skateboarding and snowboarding) an aerial manoeuvre in which the boarder spins one and a half times while holding the edge of the board with one hand.

    ‘she did seven tricks, including a perfect McTwist’
    • ‘His little brother Takeshi, 15, followed up for second place with triple McTwist, which is a spin with an axial twist.’
    • ‘I saw Jeff Grosso not too long ago and he just recently learned the McTwist.’
    • ‘I wanted to see you attempt a 720, but I guess the McTwist will do.’
    • ‘Use the T6 to try gravity-defying tricks from the McTwist to the Haakon flip.’
    • ‘Though in reality I don't "shred", I can tell you fairly accurately what a McTwist is or how to do a kickflip.’
    • ‘The Natas spin was pretty much the closest thing to the McTwist street skating had ever seen.’
    • ‘The drill is to charge downslope at the towering ramp and catapult off the top lip into a McTwist, a Rodeo Flip, or some other contortion.’
    • ‘Two weeks ago, Ben performed a McTwist, a 540 degree stunt on a skateboard in front of a crowd of over 1, 000, and with no pads.’
    • ‘He has invented more than 50 tricks - the kickflip McTwist, Stalefish and Madonna, to name just three - and was the first skater ever to pull off a 900 (two-and-a-half aerial turns).’
    • ‘Glifberg's final run included a frontside heelflip, alley-oop 540 to a McTwist, capped off with a nosegrab switch kickflip.’


1980s from the name of the US skateboarder Mike McGill, who invented the manoeuvre, and twist.