Definition of MDPV in English:



  • Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, a synthetic mood-altering drug with stimulant properties.

    Chemical formula: C₁₆H₂₁NO₃

    ‘An entire new generation of chemical highs including substances such as methylone, butylone and MDPV has been discovered by the investigation.’
    • ‘They contain man-made chemicals such as mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), related to khat, an organic stimulant found in Arab and East African countries.’
    • ‘For instance, West Virginia legislators banned the bath salt drug MDPV last year, making it a misdemeanor to sell, buy or possess the synthetic drug.’
    • ‘Making MDPV illegal will give police the tools they need to get the products off the streets, Aglukkaq said.’
    • ‘Together, these findings indicate that MDPV has reinforcing properties and activates brain reward circuitry, suggesting a potential for abuse and addiction in humans.’