Definition of me and mine in English:

me and mine

Pronunciation /ˈmē ən ˈmīn/


  • My family and relatives.

    ‘You know, I could let this turn me bitter and hateful, but that's only affecting me and mine.’
    • ‘For Quentin, for Maggie, and for me and mine, I'll extinguish the life out of you!’
    • ‘Take this as a warning; if you ever come near me and mine again, I will kill you.’
    • ‘It's the least you can do after all that you and your kind have done to me and mine.’
    • ‘Tell your minions to stay away from me and mine.’
    • ‘I consider it a great compliment to me and mine that you would consider our family worthy to be joined.’
    • ‘But you've still not told me what is to concern me and mine in this.’
    • ‘You have led me and mine to the ultimate victory.’
    • ‘Any mercenary who comes after me and mine will pay the ultimate price.’
    • ‘There would be no one left to remember the wrong that was done to me and mine.’