Definition of mea culpa in English:

mea culpa


  • An acknowledgment of one's fault or error.

    as exclamation ‘“Well, whose fault was that?” “Mea culpa!” Frank said’
    • ‘As the Internet Revolution has given way to the Internet Inquisition, most of the attitude coming from Net-centric executives has been confessional - mea culpas for the irrational exuberance and media hype.’
    • ‘But now the FDA sees such incidents as symptoms of bigger problems in how a drugmaker operates - much more serious issues that are not smoothed out with mea culpas and the payment of a small fine.’
    • ‘As if to give the filmmaker a chance for a few mea culpas, or to misdirect blame away from themselves, the distributing company, they give director Joe Brown a full-length audio commentary.’
    • ‘Despite Hill's mea culpas for leaving African Americans out of his earlier editions, the words ‘There you go again’ seem warranted.’
    • ‘Between all the mea culpas, the Senator doesn't give readers enough of his quick, unconventional wit.’


mea culpa

/ˌmāə ˈko͝olpə/ /ˌmeɪə ˈkʊlpə/


Latin, ‘by my fault’.