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  • 1A piece of grassland, especially one used for hay.

    ‘a meadow ready for cutting’
    • ‘143 acres of meadow and pasture’
    • ‘Soon they were ready to leave the meadow but they all knew something was missing.’
    • ‘Of the positive environmental impacts, the most noticeable are the rich cultural biotopes, such as meadows and pastures, created by slash-and-burn cultivation.’
    • ‘Here the visitor can explore 60 acres of meadows, woods and gardens, studded with a dozen pavilions designed by sculptor Erwin Heerich.’
    • ‘Images of flower meadows and buttercup pastures pervade our culture - and are regularly wheeled out to sell everything from chocolate and butter to shampoo and soap powder.’
    • ‘Soil samples were analyzed for all hay meadows and pastures.’
    • ‘He was now in the countryside; meadows and pastures on either side of the road.’
    • ‘On Kathryn's left were acres and acres of trails through meadows and woods, down valleys and over large hills.’
    • ‘Landowners created new meadows and pastures by lowering the water level of lakes, thereby somewhat improving the availability of fodder.’
    • ‘There, in the South, in the shadows of pine forests, meadows, arable fields, and rich pastures, his paternal grandparents embarked on their quest for freedom.’
    • ‘In addition to the garden and pleasure grounds adjacent to the house, Gravetye had acres of naturalistically planted fields, meadows, and woods.’
    • ‘The meadows suitable for grazing stock were covered in thick lush grasses, which waved in the breezes.’
    • ‘A dark line of bent grass led through the moonlight silvered sheen across the meadow and toward the mountain.’
    • ‘He came out of the thick woods into a small meadow, his arrow on his bow ready to be shot at anything that moved.’
    • ‘The sleeve depicts trees in a meadow of purple flowers.’
    • ‘There are four acres of wildflower meadow surrounded by woodland.’
    • ‘Soil analysis and pasture inventories were conducted annually on each hay meadow.’
    • ‘Luke had decided to take a long ride across the estate's grounds to the meadow in the east limit and set a picnic for both of us there.’
    • ‘It seemed like not so long ago, that Cara and her were riding their horses through the meadows near their cottage in their old town, Tana.’
    • ‘He threw himself onto the ground as the meadow was filled with the twang of many bowstrings.’
    • ‘His yell rang through the glades and meadows of the forest.’
    field, pasture, paddock, water meadow, pastureland, grassland
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    1. 1.1A piece of low ground near a river.
      ‘a pleasant campsite in a meadow, complete with sparkling stream’
      • ‘The early morning mist covered the forest, as if a white cloud had landed onto the silvery-blue fir-trees and blooming meadows near the river.’
      • ‘The Teshekpuk area, a network of wet meadows, river deltas, coastal lagoons and small ponds, is the prime calving grounds for a 25,000-strong caribou herd.’
      • ‘They stood, looking down into the valley and the river flanked by green meadows and trees.’
      • ‘Two hours passed, and they finally reached the meadow by the Cher River.’
      • ‘Karen had her apron full of herbs picked in the meadow near the creek.’
      • ‘Oddly enough, the stream dissected the meadow with near perfection.’
      • ‘There were sprawling grounds running down to the water, with unkempt meadows and wooded with aged deciduous trees.’
      • ‘Here, the eye still meets unbroken views of lush woodlands sweeping down to the river Thames, surrounded by open riverside meadows.’
      • ‘Actually, it was a pretty big meadow with a small river flowing on the left side of it with a huge oak tree in the middle.’
      • ‘Such sites might include low farm land and wet meadows along major waterways, including many infested sites along creeks and canals in northeastern Nebraska.’
      • ‘The landscape of coastal Massachusetts is a mixture of wooded uplands, rocky outcrops, and long, low meadows that sweep down to the sea.’
      • ‘It is especially well suited for low meadows and pastures, and survives extended periods of standing or running water.’
      field, pasture, paddock, water meadow, pastureland, grassland
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/ˈmedō/ /ˈmɛdoʊ/


Old English mǣdwe, oblique case of mǣd (see mead), from the Germanic base of mow.