Definition of meadow vole in English:

meadow vole


  • A burrowing vole found in grassland and open country in Eurasia and North America.

    Genus Microtus, family Muridae: numerous species, in particular Microtus pennsylvanicus of the northern US and Canada

    ‘Here we describe a blond coat color mutation in the meadow vole that arose in a captive breeding colony established from wild-caught animals from southern Illinois.’
    • ‘One captive meadow vole had 17 litters during one year, totaling 83 young.’
    • ‘Heinrich finds a variety of strategies on display near his Maine cabin: meadow voles thriving in the subnivian zone (under the snow), weasels hunting ten meals a day, and tree frogs whose body fluids freeze.’


meadow vole

/ˈmedō vōl/ /ˈmɛdoʊ voʊl/