Definition of meadowlark in English:



  • A ground-dwelling songbird of the American blackbird family, with a brown streaky back and yellow and black underparts.

    Genus Sturnella, family Icteridae: five species, in particular the eastern meadowlark (S. magna)

    • ‘The meadowlarks and magpies would gather right outside.’
    • ‘Based on the song of a meadowlark he had heard in the Dakotas, McKay wrote Song Over the Great Plains to be another nature piece.’
    • ‘Western meadowlark and mink prefer narrow grass buffers.’
    • ‘Here is a meadowlark atop a regal walnut, next to it a young nectarine tree girdled with compost.’
    • ‘I did see other signs of spring including listening to eastern meadowlarks and eastern bluebirds.’