Definition of meagerness in English:



  • Lack of quantity or quality; inadequacy.

    ‘job satisfaction eclipses the meagerness of income’
    • ‘However, the commissioners admitted such compulsion was rarely realistic, considering the meagreness of most women's wages.’
    • ‘The meagerness of the UK's benefits was never policy.’
    • ‘He is quite content as the job satisfaction eclipses the meagreness of income.’
    • ‘Whether an analyst points to the 27.6 percent of first-choice votes or the 28.4 percent of the total vote, the meagerness of his plurality is obvious.’
    • ‘Through the heat of this long ride, we felt our total lack of water and the meagreness of our supply of food.’
    • ‘One patient just recently began collecting social security and was complaining about the meagerness of her payments.’
    • ‘On Tuesday evening a telegraphic despatch was published, but, owing to the meagreness of its contents, did not remove the apprehensions previously existing.’
    • ‘As principal of its primary school, he knew its life intimately, and was depressed by its meagerness.’
    • ‘When pressed by sometimes testy Congressmen about the meagerness of Soviet disclosures, he replied blandly, "We have been very forthcoming."’
    • ‘True believers can even take encouragement from the meagreness of so much of the action in Coimbra.’
    • ‘In the end, due to the meagerness of both our resources and our carpentry skills, we settled on a balance constructed of wood and a precariously balanced wire hanger.’
    inadequacy, scantiness, paucity, paltriness, dearth, limitedness, restrictedness, insufficiency, sparseness, spareness, scarcity, deficiency, slightness, skimpiness, leanness, poorness, poverty, pitifulness, miserliness, puniness, beggarliness



/ˈmēɡərnəs/ /ˈmiɡərnəs/