Definition of mealworm in English:



  • The larva of the meal beetle, which is used as food for cage birds and other insectivorous animals.

    • ‘They will readily accept human handouts of mealworms and bird grubs, often becoming so tame that they can be hand-fed.’
    • ‘During early research, they used cadavers of Tenebrio molitor, commonly known as the yellow mealworm, and Galleria mellonella, or greater wax moth.’
    • ‘In the past few years, litter beetles (especially the lesser mealworm [Alphitobius diaperinus]), have become the most serious pest affecting several types of poultry production systems.’
    • ‘The darkling beetle or lesser mealworm, Alphitobius diaperinus, is rapidly becoming more of a nuisance in the poultry operation.’