Definition of mealybug in English:



(also mealy bug)
  • A small, sap-sucking scale insect that is coated with a white, powdery wax that resembles meal. It forms large colonies and can be a serious pest, especially in greenhouses.

    Family Pseudococcidae, suborder Homoptera: Pseudococcus and other genera

    ‘They dart among flowers and lay eggs among clusters of aphids, mealy bugs, mites, scale and other pests where their larvae can feed.’
    • ‘Insects such as ants, mealy bugs and thrips have been found in 37 out of 43 shipments, which then needed fumigation.’
    • ‘Other common pests include spider mites and mealy bugs.’
    • ‘The plant is vulnerable to mealy bugs and red spider mites.’
    • ‘Aphids are coming out and if you notice white fluffy stuff on your citrus it is highly likely it's a mealy bug.’



/ˈmēlēbəɡ/ /ˈmilibəɡ/