Definition of mean-spiritedness in English:



See mean-spirited

  • ‘It is an innocent story, free of cynicism or irony or any trace of mean-spiritedness.’
  • ‘Name-calling, popularity contests and general mean-spiritedness have long been a part of adolescence.’
  • ‘It is a movie that wants to show the venality, shallowness, bitterness, paranoia, mean-spiritedness and general desperation that most of us know lurks beneath the surface of Hollywood life.’
  • ‘I love my children in ways that can never be put into words, but there is no hiding the fact that they are imperfect creatures, capable of the same pettiness, resentment, and mean-spiritedness that sets us adults to warring.’
  • ‘I was shocked by the mean-spiritedness of his article, especially given the fact that it was written for a presumably educated and enlightened audience.’