Definition of mean no harm in English:

mean no harm


  • Not intend to cause damage or insult.

    ‘this was cruel, but they meant no harm by it’
    • ‘My apologies for any distress I've caused you missy, I mean no harm.’
    • ‘People are often intimidated by a gangs of youths standing together on a street corner, even when they mean no harm.’
    • ‘I am no expert in the law relating to this subject, but these people mean no harm to the building, that is plain to see.’
    • ‘I'm sure you mean no harm and just can't understand what I'm bothered about.’
    • ‘I mean no harm to this family, I only wanted to relieve you of the burdens of running the family business.’
    • ‘Be kind to the aging… they mean no harm and have nothing but love.’
    • ‘Just to let you know we are peaceful and mean no harm, we are simply explorers.’
    • ‘They are noisy and animated - traits magnified by the confined space of the bus deck - but they mean no harm.’
    • ‘Many residents mean no harm to the bats, which are protected and important in nature for dispersing the seeds of indigenous trees.’
    • ‘We mean no harm Sir; we only seek shelter from the storm.’