Definition of meaningfully in English:


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  • 1In a way that has meaning.

    ‘the parts, however entertaining individually, must cohere meaningfully’
    • ‘It makes it impossible to explain meaningfully what is consumed and why.’
    • ‘The doors loom ominously at the back of the stage and open or shut meaningfully, or meaninglessly, dependent on your view.’
    • ‘It becomes progressively more difficult to apply the term meaningfully to work later than the Napoleonic period.’
    • ‘He enjoyed adorning his Latin poems with words and phrases that are sometimes ornamental in function, sometimes more meaningfully allusive.’
    • ‘A youth is asked to speak meaningfully about something that was important to the generation before his but not to his own.’
    • ‘The real issue is not whether such a process takes place, but how comprehensively and meaningfully it does so.’
    • ‘What we might want to call "intellectual" work cannot rightly be distinguished, or at least meaningfully described as distinct, from sociocultural interaction.’
    • ‘We can use the word "tree" meaningfully, and with full understanding, without a little image of a tree forming in our mind.’
    • ‘At least for a subset of children with ADHD, medication attributions may be meaningfully related to functioning in important domains.’
    • ‘One could truthfully and meaningfully use the hackneyed phrase, "A great evening was had by all."’
    1. 1.1In a serious, important, or worthwhile manner.
      ‘even isolated communities can contribute meaningfully to national development’
      • ‘the right to participate meaningfully in the decisions that affect one's life’
      • ‘In my opinion, they, like recent historical events, are too new to be meaningfully evaluated.’
      • ‘Something more than detached observation is needed to create "stories" in which people engage meaningfully with one another.’
      • ‘The logic of specialization in the knowledge necessary to participate meaningfully in such speculative poetics harbors within it a repressed identity.’
      • ‘Identify how you can become a useful resource to the company and contribute meaningfully to its continued success.’
      • ‘Issues such as domestic abuse and addiction are used more meaningfully than as convenient plot devices.’
      • ‘This increasingly challenged the ability of individual producers to stay informed and meaningfully involved with issues directly impacting their livelihood.’
      • ‘It is far too early to speculate meaningfully on what the implications of this may end up being.’
      • ‘He comes alive and is able to relate meaningfully to others outside the town, in the surroundings of the moors and the sky.’
      • ‘If properly recognized, there are local resources and skills that can be meaningfully harnessed.’
      • ‘Is it possible to connect meaningfully to anyone?’
    2. 1.2In a way that communicates something without directly expressing it.
      ‘when he reports to work, his supervisor stares meaningfully at the clock’
      • ‘I've had so many creepy experiences with dudes just hanging out, staring at you meaningfully and trying to start schmoozy conversations.’
      • ‘He wears leather pants and a trench coat and glowers meaningfully!’
      • ‘They pass and re-pass one another, never touching, and they stand meaningfully on rainy street corners.’
      • ‘The stack of unfinished books and yet-to-be-started borrowed books and newly purchased books beside my bed clears its throat meaningfully.’
      • ‘A seasonal greeting, or the merest mention of the C-word, is enough to get the landlord shaking the swear-box meaningfully.’
      • ‘"I don't think I've ever been so thrilled to work with anyone, but we've had to go through some"—she hesitates meaningfully—"times."’
      • ‘The walls glowed red with importance, and small white dots marched meaningfully across the map to show him that all was well within the DataCorp Mainframe.’
      • ‘The tattooist was halfway through the job when another customer tapped him gently on the shoulder and nodded meaningfully at his handiwork.’
      • ‘He glanced meaningfully at her.’
      • ‘The networks have taken it in turns to point meaningfully at the house, explaining to the camera who was shot and why the police commissioner is in so much trouble.’



/ˈmēniNGf(ə)lē/ /ˈminɪŋf(ə)li/