Definition of means of production in English:

means of production

plural noun

  • (especially in a political context) the facilities and resources for producing goods.

    ‘in this society, the means of production are communally owned’
    • ‘Yet, whereas capitalists simply own the means of production, intellectuals are directly involved in the actual processes of production.’
    • ‘So, Marx argued that as long as one is not controlling the means of production, they are proletarian.’
    • ‘It has agglomerated population, centralized means of production, and has concentrated property in a few hands.’
    • ‘After revolution working classes would own the means of production.’
    • ‘To restore order, the Federal Reserve brought down interest rates in record-breaking fashion, but there was no response from corporations already overloaded with means of production.’
    • ‘The tendency to overproduction and crisis is both the cause and the consequence of the capitalists' revolutionising of the means of production.’
    • ‘Under capitalism, the social relation between those who own the means of production and those who possess labor power has been exploited.’
    • ‘If private individuals are allowed to own any means of production, it can't be socialism, they will say.’
    • ‘Members of dominant classes, controlling large quantities of the means of production, will be able to enter markets from a position where they can seek to ‘regulate’ the market to their advantage.’
    • ‘Second, workers now own the means of production.’


means of production

/mēnz əv/ /minz əv/ /ə prəˈdəkSHən/ /ə prəˈdəkʃən/ /prōˈdəkSHən/ /proʊˈdəkʃən/