Definition of meat-eating in English:



  • 1Feeding on other animals; carnivorous.

    ‘meat-eating dinosaurs’
    • ‘Sifting through the collection, they separated out the bones of a theropod, or meat-eating dinosaur.’
    • ‘The Tasmanian Devil is the largest meat-eating marsupial existing today.’
    • ‘The star of the exhibition is Fuzzy Raptor, a meat-eating dinosaur covered in small, delicate feathers.’
    • ‘Two new 250-million-year-old species of large, meat-eating amphibians have been discovered by researchers.’
    • ‘The small meat-eating dinosaur lived in North America during the Late Triassic period 228 to 208 million years ago.’
    • ‘It had leaf-shaped teeth designed for shredding plants rather than the triangular, blade-like serrated teeth of its meat-eating relatives.’
    • ‘New scientific techniques which allow analysis of bone chemistry have shown that pre-historic man was not the solely meat-eating savage he is often portrayed.’
    • ‘The most ferocious biters among mammals aren't lions, tigers, or wolves, but meat-eating marsupials, a new study says.’
    • ‘A set of prehistoric footprints, said to show meat-eating dinosaurs hunting vegetarian dinos, has just been recreated in a detailed 3-D model.’
    • ‘The discovery of a giant meat-eating dinosaur sporting a downy coat has some scientists reimagining the look of Tyrannosaurus rex.’
    • ‘He caught the meat-eating South American fish while angling near Mechelen, in northern Belgium.’
    meat-eating, flesh-eating, predatory, of prey, hunting, raptorial
    1. 1.1Eating meat as part of one's diet.
      ‘he will go with meat-eating friends to a steak house and order a salad’
      • ‘We have a vegetarian and a meat-eating household, so we have vegetarian options.’
      • ‘In the early 21st century, the biggest meat-eating countries were Luxembourg, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Spain.’
      • ‘One way of changing meat-eating habits for the better could be a return to the independent high-street butcher.’
      • ‘My own meat-eating habits changed irrevocably after a stint undercover in a chicken factory.’
      • ‘The vast majority of meat-eating people rely upon the ranchers, farmers, etc. to do the actual killing of the animals.’
      • ‘This recipe got a great review from my meat-eating family.’
      • ‘Your meat-eating friends won't even know it's vegan!’
      • ‘He caters to my vegetarian needs, as well as making fabulous recommendations for my fish and meat eating friends.’
      • ‘I didn't know how well my meat-eating, preponderantly male family would take to an all-veggie sandwich.’
      • ‘I mixed and matched and came up with something my meat eating family devoured.’