Definition of meat pie in English:

meat pie


  • A pie filled with meat and vegetables.

    ‘nothing beats a meat pie with mushy peas’
    • ‘Lunch is typically a meat pie, hamburger, or sandwich.’
    • ‘The first course was a soup, generally a rich cream soup with small meat pies.’
    • ‘Approximately 260 million meat pies are eaten by Australians every year.’
    • ‘I didn't know the canteen sold meat pies.’
    • ‘This week saw the launch of a meat pie for the weight-conscious.’
    • ‘One of my specialities was the traditional Aussie meat pie - very tasty!’
    • ‘I went out to the market, bought a meat pie, and sat on a street bench to eat it.’
    • ‘The best meat pie is one chock full of hunks of steak and yummy cheese.’
    • ‘Another platter held piles of tiny meat pies.’
    • ‘The heavenly scent of gourmet meat pies wafts through the corridors.’


    as Australian as meat pie
    Australian informal
    • Extremely or quintessentially Australian.

      ‘pub culture is as Australian as meat pie’
      • ‘Once upon time he was as Australian as meat pies.’
      • ‘They take pride of place among our most cherished cultural icons, and are as Australian as meat pies.’
      • ‘Sadly, Australia has developed a culture where sick days are considered as Australian as meat pies.’
      • ‘He sounded as Australian as meat pies.’
      • ‘Booms and busts are as Australian as meat pies.’