Definition of meatpacker in English:



  • A person or business involved in preparing and packing meat for transportation and sale.

    ‘he hired a local meatpacker to develop his thin, dried beef stick’
    • ‘Working with a meatpacker in a neighboring community, the co-op has begun a brisk retail trade in beef halves, quarters and wrapped cuts.’
    • ‘The decision came in a case brought by Smithfield Foods, the nation's - and the world's - largest pork meatpacker.’
    • ‘In 1970, the top four meatpackers controlled just 21 percent of the beef market.’
    • ‘The injury rate among meatpackers is the highest of any US occupation.’
    • ‘While the meatpackers have grown more powerful, the unions have grown much weaker.’
    • ‘This has led to inflated beef prices, restaurants losing revenue and unemployment for about eight thousand American meatpackers.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago meatpackers in the U.S. earned $18 per hour.’
    • ‘In 1946, almost two million workers, including 300,000 meatpackers and 750,000 steelworkers, walked picket lines.’
    • ‘Ranchers must work more closely with meatpackers and distributors to make the operation more efficient.’
    • ‘Meatpackers contend they have lost billions of dollars because of the lack of cattle to keep plants running efficiently.’