Definition of meatworks in English:


plural noun

Australian, New Zealand
  • A slaughterhouse or place where meat is processed and packed.

    • ‘Workers are preparing a second march through the North Queensland town of Rockhampton to protest the closure of the Lakes Creek meat works.’
    • ‘Mohammad (not his real name) works at the meatworks in Murray Bridge in South Australia.’
    • ‘I had a few seasons down there at the Alliance meat works in the late sixties.’
    • ‘For many of the others, the meatworks was their life.’
    • ‘A semitrailer carrying frozen meat from the Casino meatworks overturned about 10 km north of Casino on the Summerland Way last Wednesday morning.’
    • ‘Vaughn reads on the side of the truck that they are being taken to a meat works.’
    • ‘Had the action gone ahead it would have closed the meatworks at the height of the killing season.’
    • ‘A woman is employed as a packer in a meatworks.’
    • ‘And just down the way there is the old meatworks, that was the whole industry of Byron Bay.’
    • ‘It has been recognised a hazard in abattoirs since the 1930s when it first appeared in Australia at a Brisbane meatworks.’
    • ‘On the wharves, in the car plants and wool stores, the oil stores, meat works and factories, students could get plenty of labouring jobs.’
    • ‘The Australian federal government has rejected calls for assistance for the 700 workers dismissed last week from Lakes Creek meatworks in the regional town of Rockhampton in Queensland.’
    • ‘As you mentioned, you looked at abattoirs, and I didn't realise that Henry Ford's car plants were modelled on Chicago meat works.’
    • ‘This will make it easier for people in industries such as meatworks, fruit and vegetable picking, and so on, so we strongly support both of those measures.’
    • ‘I particularly refer to the closure of the Weddel meatworks, and also remind the country of the situation in the meat industry over the past 15 to 20 years.’
    • ‘They are people from the meatworks, the sharemarket, the clothing industry, the car industry, the airline industry, the stevedoring industry, and the shipping industry.’
    • ‘He grew up in the farming town of Briagolong in regional Victoria, where his first job was as a slaughterer in a local meat works.’
    • ‘At the meatworks all the packers were women and almost all the jobs as boners and slicers, the better paid ones, were occupied by men.’
    • ‘Workers at Lake Creek meatworks in Rockhampton, Queensland returned to work on July 18, after a four-day strike over wages and conditions.’
    • ‘Consolidated Meat Group (CMG), the owner of Lakes Creek meatworks in Rockhampton, Queensland, locked out workers again this week, after employees took 24-hour strike action on Thursday.’