Definition of mechanical drawing in English:

mechanical drawing


  • 1A scale drawing of a mechanical or architectural structure done with precision instruments.

    ‘Later, Leonardo da Vinci, who left a legacy of scientific and medical illustrations and mechanical drawings, may have been the first artist-engineer.’
    • ‘Educate yourself about construction if you're an architectural drafter, or manufacturing if you do mechanical drawings.’
    • ‘Microsoft rolled out their Tilt Wheel Technology with a raft of press releases, mechanical drawings and other fluff.’
    • ‘Games went over detailed mechanical drawings with him, covering every detail of the design.’
    • ‘As well there was a mechanical drawing of the roof for the placing of equipment which again did not show drains or slopes.’
    • ‘Eakins once wrote that putting a boat such as this in perspective, getting the tilt and proportions exactly right, could be done more effectively from a mechanical drawing of the boat and a perspective diagram than from life study.’
    • ‘The first step in the production was the artist's or architect's sketch, which was then converted into a carefully rendered mechanical drawing.’
    1. 1.1The action or process of making mechanical drawings.
      ‘We've been waiting three years for the department to sanction our application for an extension that would allow us to offer practical subjects like woodwork and mechanical drawing.’
      • ‘Sandeep specialises in mechanical drawing and drafting.’
      • ‘They shared interests in mechanical drawing and carpentry; their favourite school subject had been math, their least favourite, spelling.’
      • ‘These techniques were generalised into a system called géométrie descriptive, which is now known as orthographic projection, the graphical method used in modern mechanical drawing.’
      • ‘This is partly accidental (Sacco studied mechanical drawing in school and says that he draws buildings and vehicles more easily than people) and partly the result of a reportorial passion for accuracy.’
      • ‘They also sought blue-collar workers who could decipher manuals, who knew algebra, and who had a mastery of mechanical drawing and a familiarity with chemical and electrical fundamentals.’
      • ‘All of this attention to flight caused Herring to drop from a B-average student his first year in school to Ds in math and mechanical drawing.’
      • ‘Another point of reference is from the traditional vocabulary of mechanical drawing.’
      • ‘He requested a Walkman for his son, as well as a set of pencils of various degrees of hardness for Oleg to use for mechanical drawing.’
      • ‘Earl Steenrod taught mechanical drawing but had astronomy as a hobby and he interested Norman in this exciting subject while he was still a young boy.’
      • ‘He was also very interested in mechanical drawing and excelled at the drafting board.’
      • ‘He trained her in mechanical drawing, instilling in her a love of draftsmanly precision, and sent her to art school when this was an unusual privilege for young women.’
      • ‘In mechanical drawing, your drawings were supposed to be neat, but mine were always smudged and erased, like a little kid's.’
      • ‘Eakins taught perspective, mechanical drawing, and isometric drawing to his students at the Pennsylvania Academy using a manual that he wrote for the purpose but never published.’


mechanical drawing

/məˌkanək(ə)l ˈdroiNG/ /məˌkænək(ə)l ˈdrɔɪŋ/