Definition of mechanical pencil in English:

mechanical pencil


  • A pencil with a plastic or metal case and a thin replaceable lead that may be extended as the point is worn away by twisting the outer casing.

    • ‘She scribbled answers hard on the paper, constantly breaking the lead of her mechanical pencil.’
    • ‘Maya was going to high school, she didn't want a binder, and all she wanted were some pens, mechanical pencils, college rule notebooks, and folders.’
    • ‘From Brian I received a stack of new spiral-spine notebooks and several packs of new mechanical pencils, handed to me by my brother with a joking grin.’
    • ‘I pulled out two mechanical pencils and set them on the desk.’
    • ‘Oh perfect, now she's left with my last package of mechanical pencils.’
    • ‘I stopped at a small office supplies store and bought two more notebooks and some mechanical pencils.’
    • ‘A few inexpensive mechanical pencils and a small protractor complete the kit.’
    • ‘‘I think the demise of the pencil has been predicted a lot of times, first by the mechanical pencil and then by the computer and ballpoint pens,’ says Petroski.’
    • ‘Flipping up the cover of the sketchbook, Kenny took out his mechanical pencil and looked for something or someone to draw, preferably nothing that moved.’
    • ‘She smiled as she clipped her mechanical pencil to the cover.’
    • ‘On the table were a pocket portfolio and a mechanical pencil.’
    • ‘Where I used to work as a public servant I had a mechanical pencil they gave me that had an eraser receptacle on the end of it that you could refill.’
    • ‘I turned in my seat to see her standing by the pencil sharpener, biding her time by pretending to sharpen her mechanical pencil.’
    • ‘He pulled one out and then took a mechanical pencil from his desk.’
    • ‘Sora pursed his lips in thought, tapping his mechanical pencil on the page.’
    • ‘There was a ring around a mechanical pencil and a simple note dangled from it.’
    • ‘He clicked the end of his mechanical pencil and lay the tip against the paper.’
    • ‘He stood back up and grabbed an extra mechanical pencil off he top shelf, putting it in his pocket.’
    • ‘Vicki sighed and traced his phone number in her journal with her mechanical pencil.’
    • ‘I tapped my mechanical pencil against my desk and sighed deeply, glancing at the clock from the corner of my eye.’