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  • 1By means of a machine or machinery.

    ‘the rice is harvested mechanically’
    • ‘a mechanically propelled vehicle’
    • ‘Depending on the season, heat or cold is mechanically extracted from the water.’
    • ‘By the late 1970s, the sugar industry began harvesting mechanically.’
    • ‘Bearing canes are mechanically pruned with a rotary mower.’
    • ‘The USDA will prohibit use of mechanically separated meat in human food.’
    • ‘Undesirable vegetation in a pond can be controlled mechanically, biologically, or chemically.’
    • ‘Thornless trellised blackberries may be mechanically harvested at $1.70 per pound.’
    • ‘Flats for square cartons are mechanically opened to receive ice cream fed to the line through overhead pipes.’
    • ‘The court is mechanically ventilated by exhaust fans at the roof level to prevent hot air buildup.’
    • ‘Mixed debris that can't be easily sorted on a demolition site can still be mechanically sorted for recycling.’
    • ‘Gallon containers are mechanically loaded onto a cart that typically holds 80 gallons at a time.’
    1. 1.1In a way that relates to machines or machinery.
      ‘the car is almost guaranteed not to fail mechanically’
      • ‘I'm mechanically inclined and I know how to work things’
      • ‘Mechanically, it resembles the standard 284 model, featuring a 5.9-liter Cummins engine.’
      • ‘His aim has been to acquire the mechanically unusual or complicated, rather than merely the standard pieces by the great names of English clockmaking.’
      • ‘This is an informative lesson in how mechanically complex it once was to make believable sci-fi classics.’
      • ‘The mechanism of these puppets is more sophisticated compared to their mechanically challenged European relatives.’
      • ‘Those of you who are mechanically inclined can take a leading role in creating a local fuel economy for your community.’
      • ‘The color and scale have to be right, and it has to be mechanically sound with structural integrity.’
      • ‘Keep it simple, both mechanically and in management, and do it with a payback and minimal risk.’
      • ‘He would ultimately branch into the "hardware" business, delivering the most mechanically lavish and technically saturated film series the world would ever know.’
      • ‘The drive sprockets on the printers are not mechanically perfect.’
      • ‘I am sorry to be obtuse about this, but I am not mechanically competent.’
  • 2Without thought or spontaneity; automatically.

    ‘the words are repeated mechanically’
    • ‘I nodded mechanically’
    • ‘From his methodical, dispassionate demeanor, it is evident that he is still mechanically sleepwalking through his civilian life.’
    • ‘As an actress, all she does is mechanically regurgitate lines.’
    • ‘Only their hands are seen as they clap, sometimes mechanically, sometimes enthusiastically.’
    • ‘She has grown in her love for him and won't blindly, mechanically, follow his lead.’
    • ‘It's no fun because the reaction has been so mechanically jerked out of us.’
    • ‘In the current state of civilization, people mechanically repeat poor imitations of original gestures.’
    • ‘It's a documentary short about the policewoman who mechanically directs the sparse city traffic, all to a techno beat.’
    • ‘Such principled discretion had the effect of converting Eakins into a bloodless, sexless creative artist who cerebrally posed various difficult technical challenges to himself and then methodically and mechanically set about solving them.’
    • ‘He mechanically establishes the emotional distance between the father and son and the daughter's mothering attitude toward her macho dad.’
    • ‘At one point, she started mechanically singing along to the soundtrack of her own video.’



/məˈkanək(ə)lē/ /məˈkænək(ə)li/