Definition of mechanosensation in English:



  • The process by which mechanical stimuli are translated into neuronal impulses. It is the physiological basis for sense experiences such as touch, hearing, and balance.

    ‘The interpretation of this observation was that the periplasmic loop had been proteolysed, that its integrity was not essential for mechanosensation, but that its cleavage enhanced mechanosensitivity.’
    • ‘Blount and co-workers have recently detected a four amino acid motif NxxD in the TM1 helix and have speculated that it could represent a sensor in mechanosensation.’
    • ‘In prokaryotes, mechanosensation is apparently limited to the detection of osmotic forces manifested as intracellular turgor pressure.’
    • ‘All of the senses in the ear, as well as the lateral line system of fish, are based on mechanosensation: the detection of physical displacement.’
    • ‘MscL is currently the best-studied MS channel and it has become a model system for the study of mechanosensation.’



/ˌmekəˌnōsenˈsāSHən/ /ˌmɛkəˌnoʊsɛnˈseɪʃən/