Definition of mechatronics in English:


plural noun

treated as singular
  • Technology combining electronics and mechanical engineering.

    ‘Advances in electronics have brought big improvements to traditional ‘slushbox’ automatics, while the new science of mechatronics has allowed for the automation of manual gearboxes, pioneered by Ferrari.’
    • ‘The making of a car involves mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer technologies, which is typical of mechatronics.’
    • ‘Emerging areas include nanotechnology, mechatronics, biotechnology and molecular biology, agricultural engineering, food processing and food technology, telecom engineering and aerospace.’
    • ‘Instead, he stresses the region's high-level research and engineering work in fuel-cell development, mechatronics, telematics/mobile computing and virtual-engineering software.’
    • ‘The building features labs for fabrication, multidisciplinary design and mechatronics, as well as four general classrooms and a 400-seat auditorium, one of the largest on campus.’
    • ‘While no specifics were provided, speculation on the new growth has suggested it will meet the ‘affordability test’ by growing popular programs including a new program in mechatronics.’
    • ‘The new centres will essentially complement SKF's Europe research work on the five focus areas - bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems.’
    • ‘Other areas of growth include shipbuilding, sourcing, mechatronics, and MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul).’
    • ‘They just love working with the kids, who all want to be involved with mechatronics.’
    • ‘Also created through the fund are numerous programs and scholarships, including new programs in entrepreneurship, nanotechnology and mechatronics.’



/ˌmekəˈträniks/ /ˌmɛkəˈtrɑnɪks/


1970s blend of mechanics and electronics.