Definition of Mecoptera in English:


plural noun

  • An order of insects that comprises the scorpion flies.

    • ‘On the other hand, there was diverse evolution within the surviving orders, the Neuroptera, Mecoptera, and Diptera, and Coleoptera being notable examples.’
    • ‘We have isolated and characterized the first LW opsin genes from two orders: Mecoptera and Siphonaptera.’
    • ‘Additional specimens of Mecoptera are housed in the collections of the Maine State Forest Service, Insect and Disease Laboratory in Augusta; however, these specimens have not been identified.’
    • ‘We disagree with the new classification of raptiped Mecoptera proposed by Bechly and Schweigert because of a different interpretation of the relationships of some fossil and recent genera.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek mēkos ‘length’ + pteron ‘wing’.