Main definitions of med in English

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  • Medical.

    ‘she's at med school’
    • ‘The money is good; he will soon be free of med school debt.’
    • ‘Now, they are teaching a meditation class for about 10 of their fellow med students.’
    • ‘Even loans from law school or med school can be partially forgiven.’
    • ‘Steven (Tom Hanks) is a med student struggling to pass his exams.’
    • ‘See, where we went to med school, the dean was very strict about scrubs.’
    • ‘Slouching off in the first two years of med school has turned out to be a great motivator for me.’
    • ‘Increasing the number of med students will simply increase the number of specialists driving BMWs.’
    • ‘According to the blood spectrometer we have in the med kit one of my kidneys has failed.’
    • ‘Blaine's eyes flicked open, and swept around his new med bay.’
    • ‘The strategy part is about always having enough ammo, explosives, chemicals and med kits for your soldiers to use in battle.’
    • ‘She is a 25-year-old married black female here for a med refill.’
    • ‘She needs a current prescription, and I don't think she has a current one, nor does she have med insurance.’
    • ‘So that's my calorie and med report for today and all I have until my next report around Nov 30, the Monday following Thanksgiving.’
    • ‘"Well …" Fara said, walking over to a small kit on the wall and pulling out a Bio med glove.’
    • ‘He once again considered the cost of having new beds for the med center installed - and then he woke in earnest.’
    • ‘They rushed Kevin to the med lab and immediately tried diagnosing him.’
    • ‘The program could be improved by providing more linking between tables and other displays and the med database.’
    • ‘She and that new lady doctor from the med center were all over him.’
    • ‘She opened the med kit that he had given her, and applied a temporary patch to the power suit.’
    • ‘As a result our equipment is largely man-portable, including med kits and tentage that will allow us to treat people under cover in remote locations.’

plural noun

informal meds
  • Medicine; medication.

    ‘he'd forgotten to take his meds’
    • ‘I opined that since the good doctor had actually SEEN the patient, he might be the best to decide which med was appropriate.’
    • ‘Statins have become so critical in the war against cholesterol that a leading statin researcher compares them to the ultimate miracle med.’
    • ‘Aleve, also known as Naproxen, an over-the-counter med, was also associated with increased heart risks recently.’
    • ‘The industry also produces the occasional miracle med that empowers doctors to cure otherwise intractable diseases.’
    • ‘Can I take my meds prior to a fasting blood test?’
    • ‘I don't want to take my meds either, but when I get like that I ask my ex-wife what it was like before the meds and I remember, sort of.’




Main definitions of Med in English

: med1Med2MEd3



informalBritish the Med
  • The Mediterranean Sea.


1940s abbreviation.




Main definitions of MEd in English

: med1Med2MEd3



  • Master of Education.

    • ‘He has an MEd in instructional technology from George Mason University and is presently pursuing a PhD at George Mason's Graduate School of Education.’
    • ‘He has a BA from the University of the North and an MEd in counselling psychology from an American institution, as well as a PhD in Education from Rhodes.’
    • ‘Vice chair Suzanne M. Whitmer, RN, CNOR, MEd, formally thanked the 2001 authors who wrote articles for the newsletter.’
    • ‘The course co-ordinator Brian Cavanagh, MEd has being involved in training with FAS and privately for the past thirty years.’
    • ‘Melissa L. Block, MEd, is a freelance writer on health and nutrition who lives in Santa Barbara, California.’