Definition of medaka in English:



  • A small, slender freshwater fish with the dorsal fin set back near the tail, native to parts of SE Asia and Japan.

    Family Oryziatidae and genus Oryzias: several species

    • ‘Genetic linkage maps have been developed for a number of fish species, including zebra fish, medaka, catfish, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, and Lake Malawi cichlids.’
    • ‘In the medaka, cortisol treatment increased the ability of acid-exposed fish to maintain plasma sodium levels.’
    • ‘The Japanese medaka were purchased from a biological supply company.’
    • ‘This estimate is similar to the value of tilapia, medaka, and Japanese flounder.’
    • ‘Such a lack of uniformity has been reported in medaka and zebrafish.’


Early 20th century from Japanese me(y) ‘eye’ + -daka ‘high’.